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OPIC is a consumer advocacy agency created to represent the interests of consumers as a class on matters involving insurance rates, rules, and forms. This includes matters involving various personal lines of insurance such as auto, homeowners, title, and credit insurance. Additionally, the agency participates in rulemaking proceedings for life, accident, and health insurance.

The agency presents information at administrative proceedings such as industry-wide rate hearings, analyzes individual company rate filings, and reviews or proposes rules before the Texas Department of Insurance. The agency may file amicus briefs on issues involving a class of insurance consumers, and participates in judicial appeals if the agency participated in the case at the administrative level.

The agency communicates with consumers throughout the state as it receives requests from the Legislature, the Department of Insurance, and civic groups to attend public forums and hear about local problems. And in accordance with statutory guidance, the agency distributes annual HMO consumer report cards and consumer bills of rights.




As a customer of the Office of Public Insurance Counsel, you can expect us to:

  • Conduct our activities with integrity, comply with all applicable state and federal laws including ADA requirements, and strive to make ourselves available to all insurance consumers.
  • Provide you with professional, courteous, and efficient service.
  • Maintain a well-trained staff, keep current on insurance issues, and attend public hearings and forums.
  • Provide you with an Internet website address that contains information of consumer interest, research information, and information about the agency in general.
  • Respond to your requests for information within 5 business days or as mandated by discovery rules in contested cases.
  • Transfer your telephone calls immediately to a live person or incorporate in all voice mail systems immediate access to a live person.
  • Immediately route your requests to the appropriate agency and maintain contact with you to ensure you have been helped.
  • Respond to your electronic mail within 5 business days.
  • Strive to provide our documents in English and Spanish and in concise, easy-to-read language.




You may access OPIC information either by calling our office or by logging on to our website at We will make available certain information on our website, including but not limited to the current annual HMO consumer report card and the Compact with Texans.  We will supply on request hard copies of anything available on our website.

We do not have statutory authority to handle individual consumer complaints regarding insurance issues, but any complaints received are forwarded to the consumer complaint division of the Texas Department of Insurance for resolution.  Complaints regarding our agency can be brought to the attention of the Public Counsel.


Customer Contact Information

You may reach us toll free at (877) 611-6742 or (512) 322-4143 or by fax at (512) 322-4148.

Our mailing address and physical location is:

Office of Public Insurance Counsel
William P. Hobby Building
333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-120
Austin, Texas 78701

Electronic mail inquiries may be sent to the following address: