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Companies Writing the Standard HO-B Policy

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Are you looking for a company that writes the standard HO-B homeowners policy?


The following companies on our comparison tool presently write the HO-B:


  • AMEX Assurance Company

  • Apex Lloyds Insurance Company

  • Armed Forces Insurance Exchange

  • ASI Lloyds (newly constructed homes only)

  • Chubb Lloyds Insurance Company

  • Dallas National Insurance Company

  • Delta Lloyds Insurance Company of Houston

  • Federal Insurance Company

  • Imperial Fire and Casualty Insurance Company

  • Middle States Insurance Company, Inc.

  • National Specialty Insurance Company

  • Republic Underwriters Insurance Company

  • Southern Insurance Company

  • Stonington Lloyds Insurance Company

  • Trinity Universal Insurance Company

  • Unitrin Safeguard Insurance Company

  • Universal Insurance Company of North America,

  • U.S. Lloyds Insurance Company


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